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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Watching old people with anything more technologically advanced than a pair of nail clippers is - hilarious. Here I am, on a train from York to Preston, presented with both ends of the spectrum within a matter of of inches from one another. There is a man to my left fully eqipped with a tiny laptop, wired into an ipod, bashing away at his keyboard, occasionally glancing out of the window to glean some inspiration, then quickly back on with whatever he's doing (don't want to look too closely... bit weird)

In comparison, there are two women sitting opposite him - both over the age of fifty, trying to work out how to send a text message. They both appear fairly professional with freshly pressed Marks and Spencers trouser suits and neatly filed nails. They look as if they would be perfectly suited to holding meetings or pitching an idea in a boardroom but as soon as a mobile phone is placed in front of them they rapidly regress back to stone age creatures. Pressing buttons here and there and laughing (loudly) everytime they've been outfoxed by something as complex as predictive text, I can't help but wonder if there's a gap in the market somewhere; a phone especially for the over 50s. Dragon's Den here I come.


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