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Sunday, 15 November 2009

I LOVE the new John Lewis ad... check it out. Song by folk band, Taken by Trees.


A Nice Cup of Tea.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

If you drink as many cups of tea per day as my friends and I then you will appreciate that in order to enjoy the full tea experience it helps if you are with lovely people and even more if you are in a lovely place. I have had many good tea experiences in my life. A particularly lovely time was when I was in Uganda over the summer and I lay on the grass in the front garden of the bungalow we stayed in, with a great book and a mischievous little Ugandan boy running around me, trying to engage me in a game of hit the football into the banana plant.

This tea drinking time could only be bettered by the occasion I was in Cape Town, South Africa on the most beautiful beach, as the sun was setting and my friends and I had just played a vigorous game of Frisbee... or possibly when I was in Canada looking over a frozen lake with two of my most favourite people and we had shivery cups of tea out of a flask.

However, I currently live in Preston, and have found that exotic tea drinking locations are few and far between. UNTIL... my friend Hannah introduced me to 'The Mystery Tea House' hidden somewhere in Preston. We walked into the little haven of tea delights and had our senses awakened by the tingling smell of fresh tea leaves, then stomped upstairs to a window seat where we poured over the menu and made our precious selection.

Mine was Rose Desire, Hannah's, Cinnamon Tea. The place was just perfect. There were candles on the tables, a rocky waterfall in the corner of the cafe, African style paintings on the walls, and some kind of dreamy mysterious music pouring from somewhere in the room.

Thank you Hannah for introducing me to tea heaven.


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