Imogen Heap @ Manchester

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

There are three types of people at a gig. The first is the "Superfan", the one who has bought their ticket a year in advance, missed an important family engagement to attend, and bought at least three over priced objects from the souvenir stand at the back.

The second is the "Gig Virgin". The person who has no idea of gig etiquette, and gets a little over excited at the support act, taking as many photographs as their camera's memory card can cram in, and looking wide eyed around at all the 'cool' people who seem to know the unwritten rules of Gigging.

The third is the best. The one that the other two wish they were and someday may become. This is the "Old Timer". The person who has been to more gigs than they care to remember, know the ropes of how to get through the crowd, close enough to the stage without looking overly keen, and maintaining a certain level of decorum even at the most exhilarating parts in a set. They don't go too dressy, they buy beer and stand at the back during the support, and they nod along to the songs without looking too excited at anything.

These three types of people were competing against each other at the Imogen Heap gig I went to last night.

Anyone who has been to a Heap gig will empathize with me when I say that I fell in love with her. She came on before her support acts to introduce them and had a general chat to the audience, and then popped off backstage to work on her incredible hair do.

Her set was magical; her voice was angelic and her musical ability was unbelievable. She floated around the stage in her layered pink silk skirt and enchanted the audience with her beautiful collection of tracks from all of her previous albums. Technically, the show was awesome. The light show at the back of the stage with fluttering birds, dancing figures and falling leaves added depth to the spectacle and wowed the fans with each new flourish of animation.

Here's a video I stole from youtube... enjoy!


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