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Monday, 20 April 2009

I've always planned to go and visit my Aunt in Tasmania, but never thought it would become a reality, always been tied down with one thing or the other... but due to a recent change of circumstances, it's actually going to happen and I'm very excited.

For those of you who don't know much about the country, here's a bit of background... (nicked off Wikipedia)

is an Australian island and state of the same name. It is located 240 kilometres (150 mi) south of the eastern side of the continent, being separated from it by Bass Strait. The state of Tasmania includes the island of Tasmania, which is the 26th largest island in the world, and other surrounding islands. The state has an estimated population of 500,000 (as of December 2008) with almost half located in the greater Hobart area, and an area of 68,401 square kilometres (26,410 sq mi), of which the main island covers 62,409 square kilometres (24,096 sq mi).[4]

Tasmania is promoted as the Natural State and the "Island of Inspiration" owing to its large and relatively unspoiled natural environment. Formally, almost 37% of Tasmania is in reserves, National Parks and World Heritage Sites.[6] The island is 364 kilometres (226 mi) long from the northernmost point to the southernmost point and 306 kilometres (190 mi) from west to east.

The state capital and largest city is Hobart, which encompasses the local government areas of City of Hobart, City of Glenorchy, City of Clarence and generally included is the satellite town of Kingston, part of the Municipality of Kingborough, into the Greater Hobart area. Other major population centres include Launceston in the north and Devonport and Burnie in the northwest. The subantarctic Macquarie Island is also under the administration of the state, as part of the Huon Valley Council local government area.

I'll be staying near Hobart with my Aunt who lives in a random jungle, with an outdoor shower (arghh) and will hopefully go and stay in Melbourne for a while too!

I'll keep you updated :)

PS. The picture is from google images of St Columbia Falls - WOW. It won't be long before I get some of my own pics up!


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