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Friday, 17 April 2009

Natasha Khan is beautiful. Dubbed by the Guardian as a weird hippy, I think she's my new role model, and her music is awesome. Break beat, floaty and incandescent, everything about it is chilled and lovely. If you haven't heard her music yet, go and pour it down your ear tubes now.


Dave 17 April 2009 at 20:44  

I saw these when they supported radiohead. pretty good, atmospheric stuff. I'm pouring some down my ear tubes now!

Stunt Codpiece 17 April 2009 at 20:44  

I like :D Watching the "What's a Girl To Do?" video...reminds me of the mod wolves off of the Boosh :D

iPhil® 17 April 2009 at 21:06  

I concur young lady. Y

Stuart Holloway 11 June 2009 at 10:34  

Daniel is such a great song, it makes me happy :)

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