Wednesday, 7 October 2009

This week my friend Sam, and I received the exciting news that we have a one hour slot on the Student Union radio station, Frequency, to begin broadcasting next week. The initial excitement was short-lived however, after we had bounded, gazelle-like back to Sam's house to begin recording some ground-breakingly phenomenal jingles for our show, only to find that both of us are fairly petrified of hearing the sound of our own voices and are often overwhelmed with bouts of crippling self-consciousness.

We also discovered that the seemingly relaxed and natural conversation that flows like a babbling brook from the mouths of seasoned professionals like Wogan and Moyles, is actually rather a tricky skill to grasp, and to couple this with an ability to co-ordinate the several thousand buttons and nobs which enable the actual show to be heard by anyone and enjoyed, is well, confusing to say the least.

Time will tell I suppose... tune in at www.frequencyradio.co.uk on Monday 12th October at 5pm.


Sam Lee 11 October 2009 at 15:48  

Yes, hurrah for radio. Don't have nightmares, it will be fun. I'll pop to town tomorrow and get hip flasks...

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