Bat for Lashes Gig... Only in Liverpool

Monday, 19 October 2009

I was taken on a secret mystery day out for an early birthday present last week, and it turned out to be a very good surprise. As you may remember from an earlier post, I raved about new indie/hippie/crazy singer Natasha Kahn in her band Bat for Lashes, and last Saturday I got to see her! Happy.

She was on top form, sporting a cute blue T-Shirt dress, black 'wet-look' leggings and silvery- blue eye make up which only woodland fairies would dare to rival. She began her set with a mellow version of Horse & I, seated at her fairy light-adorned piano, tapping her feet and wincing occasionally as the mikes fed back with a slight ear-bending shriek; it all seemed to blend in with the weird and wonderful sounds that emerged from the other instruments on stage. It was girl power ahoy, with a female drummer and (ex-Ash) guitarist/ pianist who rocked out to even the most somber tunes. There was also a violinist who drew out haunting solos and added an orchestral atmosphere to the already mystical vibe on stage.

As with any gig, however, the audience make up a large part of the experience, and this time was no exception. The party goers insisted on chattering all the way through the quieter songs, and whenever Kahn stopped to take a breath, some loony would yell oafishly 'Marry me Natasha!' to which the elfish little female would blush and whisper 'thank you...' then continue with her haunting melodies. It all seemed a little incongruous, as if these Liverpudlian louts had smashed their way into a little girl's birthday party and thrown her dolls at the wall then stomped around a bit more. Tip of the month: do not go to melancholic gigs in Liverpool, unless you are indeed an oaf, then go ahead and stomp away.


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