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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

It's been too long. How the devil are you. And all that jazz.

I've just watched a film that on first glance seemed like the usual sloppy predictable Hollywood drivel but turned out to be a bit of a hidden gem and made me think. The film is called Fever Pitch, or Perfect Catch if you're from Australia - the alternative title is so helpful when IMDB-ing - and the main plot line is about a man who is unhealthily obsessed with the baseball team, Boston Red Sox that it has driven women away left, right and centre whenever he has tried to engage in a relationship until now... enter Drew Barrymore's career-driven workaholic character, Lindsey who proves to be a 'cool' alternative modern woman who seems to be able to put up with Ben's passion.

At first all is well and Lindsey starts to come along to games with Ben, even donning the Red Sox team kit and missing prior engagements to please her man and support the Sox, but eventually the cracks begin to show and Lindsey begins to wonder exactly how much she has to share in her partner's obsession before it begins to change her.

This made me wonder, how much are we willing to change for our other halves? We all have a passion for something, and when we begin to share our lives with another person, we tend to share everything about ourselves, and expect them to enjoy what we enjoy. But how far should we go to change for the one we love? I think there comes a point in every relationship where you take stock and think about the sacrifices you've made for this person, the passions you may have given up, the things you've started to take an interest in because they do, and so on. I suppose the point I'm trying to make, ever so articulately, is that however much you love someone, you shouldn't let them absorb vital elements of your character or identity, you should hold onto those passions that you once held dearly and - all being well - your significant other will embrace these elements and love them as much as you do. Over and out from Ms Agony Aunt.


iPhil® 7 October 2009 at 12:50  

It's a great film. It is a remake of a British classic though (Fever Pitch -, from the book by Nick Hornby, and starring Colin Firth. Being British, it's clearly not about baseball, but about football, and Arsenal (you might want to check it out - and it features Reading briefly :D).

Interesting fact about the Boston Red Sox version is that when they were filming it the script was slightly different and as the amazing season that the Red Sox were having unfolded they needed to change it quite a lot. The Red Sox were perennial losers up until that season which I think makes the film all the better.

All that has nothing at all to do with the point you were trying to make, which I like btw ;)

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