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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I am currently enjoying experimenting with clothes, and having lots of fun. (I don't often go girly on you but thought I'd make an exception... if you're a boy who doesn't care about such things then I'll try and make my next post extra man-orientated and write about farting and/or beer). As a firm believer that dresses are for losers, or rather - firmly acknowledging that dresses don't suit me, I have decided go go against the grain of my own decisions and start wearing them, and have loved it! I like the whole teaming of a short dress and leggings (of which I have acquired several pairs, some more outlandish than others *ahem* silver...) which tends to connote an 'eighties rocker' vibe, or the maxi dress with beads and gladiator sandals, for the 'festival chic' look, or indeed the long t-shirt-type-dress thingy that goes equally well with leggings or skinny black jeans and a black pump. I don't really like writing or reading about fashion, so will keep this short, but I thought I would introduce you to a new acquisition to my wardrobe, 'Harem Pants' (pictured). They're like leggings at the bottom but they have a massive baggy crotch, and these ones from American Apparel turn into a full outfit if one casually pulls the waist band up over the chest area and turns it into a one-piece - nice one. They come to me in the post on Friday, so watch out York, they will either look ridiculous or super ridiculous, either way I will enjoy.


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