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Monday, 20 September 2010

I have been dabbling in the deliciously sparkling waters of Photoshop of late, and in doing so have discovered a fantastic odyssey of magical arty goodness. (I have also not blogged in a while and wanted to pop my head up with rather a pretentious wordy flourish. Did it.)

So, Photoshop. It's wonderful. I'm not an expert by any means and I learn new techniques every time I start a new project. My work at the moment is not incredible, but I think that with practice and patience I can acomplish some good stuff. The magazine the team are working on is coming on a treat, although it's difficult to stick to deadlines because of the hours and hours I sit and perfect each page, and then kick myself when it goes to print when I notice a typo that I missed due to my stupidly acute attention to detail in the design. I have gained an awful lot of respect for the people who design stuff like Little White Lies and Live & Love York, publications which look simple and polished but which contain some creatively beautiful ideas.

Here are a couple of handy websites that I've been dipping into recently for inspiration:


That's all I wanted to say really, unless you wanted to add anything? No? OK then.


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