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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Last night, I did something bad. Really bad. And the odd thing is, I really enjoyed it. I had been resisting it for a long time, I had been avoiding the temptation, with a resolute ignorance, despite many of my friends persuading me that I would like it. I was ashamed at first, but then flung myself into the moment with intrigue and excitement.

That's right kids. I watched New Moon. And I liked it.

I have always considered anything that is surrounded by as much hype and screaming teenage girls as the Twilight saga as... oh, what's the word... Lame. And I was more than ready to have my expectations met as my friends and I sat down to watch the second installment of the 'saga', and the film opened with the image of a large and intimidating moon accompanied by some crashing orchestral score that would sent shivers down any respectable human's spine. I raised the characteristic eye brow and scoffed into the cuff of my hooded jumper, curling my toes in anticipation of a massive let down, but going along with it for the sake of my lesser knowledgeable peers (a short-lived moment of arrogance - sorry girls).

Oh how wrong I was. Yes, the glittery-faced effect that Edward prances around with is a little bit rubbish, and yes the bronzed and buff Jacob is a little too bronzed and buff to be believed, but if you look past these, it really is a good film! The soundtrack is outstanding, with tracks from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Lykke Li and OK Go that as standalone pieces are just incredible and as part of the film, work, with magnificence.

Some of the shots are sublime, and really capture the indie film look, especially those of Bella looking lost and forlorn in the forest, and the lighting and camera angles lend themselves to an aesthetic similar to the fantastical element of indie successes such as Where the Wild Things Are.

So, this is a challenge to all you fellow film snobs out there. Watch New Moon. Give it a chance. Even if you do it in secret without telling anyone; it really is worth it.

And if you were wondering... it's Team Jacob all the way. Knowing wink.

This is a Death Cab for Cutie song from the soundtrack, not the best song from the film, but that's kind of on purpose. Go forth and Spotify!


-mim 4 April 2010 at 00:12  

"Not without cause!" hahahaha

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