An experiment in rediscovery.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I have finally achieved the thing that I have been planning to try for a long time, something that on paper doesn't seem like too much of a challenge, but in practice, is ridiculously testing.

I have given up Facebook.

This makes me sound like a complete and utter loser, that I would want to blog about a seemingly small thing, but even after a day of not logging on and interacting with my peers, I have found other things to do! Perhaps I am in a minority when I admit that I'm in the bunch of nerds who sit at a computer for hours at a time, perusing through photo albums and lurking around my friend's profile pages, waiting for something interesting to happen, then I give up waiting and just curl up in a heap and dissolve into a pile of self loathing and envy (everyone else is having so much of a better life than me!)

This may seem like a slight exaggeration, but sadly, I believe that a lot of time spent on social networking sites can be fairly destructive, so have decided to give my emotions a break and take a few weeks out to rediscover my passions and interests. (And also, probably, do a bit of work).

So, the experiment starts here. I will be blogging about once a week to keep anyone who is interested updated in the task, wish me luck!

Here is a lovely cover by Cat Power of the stunning song Amazing Grace.


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