Monday, 21 December 2009

Two weeks off. Bliss.

The past three months at uni have been a whirlwind: staying up until the early hours to complete assignments; traveling around the country to see friends; helping to run the Christian Union; joining a new church and getting involved with various things that they do in the community; spending time with friends; turning 21 (!) and thinking of what to do after I graduate, only partly sums up the activities of Sep-Dec 2009. I am certainly not complaining, but it has been lovely to come home and relax with my family this Christmas.

Coming home and seeing my brothers again always makes me feel a little like an old Aunt who comments on how tall they have grown, how much facial hair they have sprouted (or tried to) and what their current interests involve... (some high-tech pastime which involves shooting things on a computer and getting angry, as the past couple of days have revealed). Tim endeavors to crack jokes about the 'rents being really old and harks back to the days when we had in-jokes about more or less everything and tries as hard as he can to recreate those lost days; Simon talks about Philosophy and we all shrivel up with boredom.

I love reading, and have grabbed the opportunity to spend time on my own catching up with some great material, at the moment I'm on Heidi and Rolland Baker's There's Always Enough, which near moves me to tears every few pages. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I plan to sneak some films in over the festive period too, with Where the Wild Things Are, Avatar and Sherlock Holmes on the wish list at the moment.

There will also be much drinking of tea, after a lovely friend bought me some weird and wonderful packets of tea from The Mystery Tea House, including Mango Black Tea and Mini Rose Pu-erh, all of which sound, er, interesting to say the least.

I plan to blog more over the next couple of weeks, so keep having a nosy!


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