Student Cinema Screening - Princess Mononoke

Friday, 27 March 2009

Last night I was involved with the screening of a Japanese anime film at the on-campus cinema, Mitchell and Kenyon. The film, Princess Monononoke, drew a small audience of around thirty people and the evening was a definite success.

There is something about the arts industry that generates good feeling and positive thinking. This may sound like a load of nonsense but I really believe that it's the best area to work if you're enthusiastic about meeting new people and being creative or innovative.

My friends, Dom, Hannah, Kath and Emma and I had so much fun last night, during the set up of the cinema, meeting people on arrival and posing for photographs next to our tiny exhibition of Japanese-type regalia.

I am so excited about starting a career in the filmy-art industry, if it follows last night's theme of having a friendly, fun atmosphere and not having to sit in an office all day then I'm all for it.

Also, I am LOVING Japanese cinema, any recommendations for the next film I should watch, let me know!


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