Sunday, 29 March 2009

Nostalgia is great. The senses can be awakened by various things such as taste, smell and sound, I would say the most evocative is sound. Where am I going with this I hear you cry! Well, I was listening to the radio whilst doing some work (distinguishing fact from opinion in The Telegraph... only faintly interesting) and the song, Club Foot by Kasabian poured out of my laptop and into my ears which instantly dragged me back in time to Leeds Festival '05 when I was 16!

It was the summer of 2005 and I had just completed my time in secondary education and discovered true independence; going to Leeds Festival with just a couple of friends (and NO PARENTS) was a pretty big deal at the time. The atmosphere was warm and happy (the amount of weed everyone had absorbed may have added to this happiness) and my friend Clare and I were running around from stage to stage trying not to miss a thing, when we accidentally but wonderfully stumbled upon the Radio 1 Stage that Kasabian were playing in at the time. We jumped around amongst the sweaty people and I remember feeling wildly free and excited.

Music is delightfully evocative and I was taken right back to that moment with the lovely Clare in that smelly tent in 2005. Good times. Back to the Telegraph...


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